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2007– Oxyde is aclothing store located in central Paris. They needed a basic site to be built very quickly, as a basis for a more elaborate project to be completed at a later date.



2006/07– Emma Herbin is an argentinian painter living in Barcelona. She wanted a website in the same style as her work, in black & white with only a touch of color.



2006/07– CSIC (Quantitive Analysis Biology Service) is an important scientific laboratory based in Barcelona. They wanted a site to be informative and graphically interesting at the same time. The final site has not yet been published.



2006/07– Base Elements is an art gallery in the Gothic area of Barcelona, home to many artists and designers of distinc styles and backgrounds. The site was designed to sell works to existing customers of the gallery, as well as host information on the artists represented by them. A basic design was made in 2006, with a re-design and update in 2007.



2006 – Lee Mayr / Anton Koslov, artist, wanted a carefully designed site to expose his photographs. We worked closely together to come up with the current design and navigation of the site.



2006– Tricolore Paris, a project led by fashion designer Jean-Marc Rabemilla, which mixes fine art and fashion, needed a portal to show their work at the time of an exhibition at the Palays de Tokio, Paris, among others.



2006– Pauline Savin, a French jewellery designer, wanted an online catalog of her work, so that she could sell directly to outlet stores and other clients.


2005/06 – Mario Lima , a brazilian fine artist and poet, wanted a site which would combine poetry and painting coherently. A project in constant evolution, which has the intention of growing significantly.



2005/06 – KDelicious, a marrocan cookie maker, wanted a site to show their products. The site was reproduced also at an additional address, with small changes, www.kosherdelicious.com. The site design was based on existing brochure, with additional animations.



2005 – Céline Nieszawer, a French photographer and illustrator, who has also made prize winning short films, uses this site to show her current work.



2005 – International Forum for Peace, a website for an association working for peace in the Israeli – Palestinian conflict, is implemented in the form of a newspaper, with articles and press information, as well as the activities of their members. The site had been created in collaboration with Daniel Topper. Currently under construction.



2005 – Michel Meunier, a French designer, working in movie sets and decoration, had an interesting concept for a complex animation, done in Flash, which was included in the website which shows his other work history. Currently under construction.

To preview the animation, please click here.



2004 - Photos Graphies - Edouard de' Pazzi, a French photographer, had very precise ideas about the design and implementation of his website. We worked closely together for several months, to implement a digital equivalent of print designs he had previously prepared. The site includes Flash and html generated by Adobe Image Ready and corrected in Macromedia DreamWeaver.



2004 - Roberta Marroquin, a Mexican photographer, has already done a lot of graphic layout work, and wanted a site which would match the elegant design of her catalogs and exhibition invitations. The website is graphically simple, and includes Flash in the introduction and photo gallery.



2004 - Hally Pancer, a professional photographer and professor, needed a website to showcase her work, but didn't want to get involved with computing and understanding how the internet functioned. We worked together in gradual stages, to put together her portfolio and texts, and later figured out how to present the different portfolios with roll-over effects on the index page. Since her name and reputation preceded the creation of the website, she has been contacted through it on several occasions.



2004 - Olivia Manhes, a talented Mexican artist, has a website to show her printmaking, painting and drawing. It changes and gets updated quite often, to show her evolving work.



2004 – Karina Pioner, a Brazilian painter, currently residing in Spain, wanted a simple online portfolio which showcased her work.



2004 - Margret Sigfusdottir, an icelandic painter, wanted a simple site which would reflect her colorful and upbeat work. The focus was put onto her paintings, rather than into a more elaborate and complex website.



2003 - Carolina Spielmann, an argentinian painter, uses her frequently updated website extensively. As well as an on-line catalog of her work, all of her exhibitions are advertised and documented. The website became a little chaotic with the frequent additions and updates, but remains with it's original graphic identity. Carolina's marketing skills make this one of my most visited websites.






2003 - Petra Berger, a german photographer, was my first experiment. This was my first website, done for free for a friend, with the simplest possible design.